Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A stage of my life is closed, ESO is over.
This stage has been very important in my life after five years I have school qualifications.
I remember how tiny I was when enter at school, the fear I had and what I was shy.
After these years I've noticed that the school is just a stage in your life you have to do in order to have a future.
This last year I have been inexplicable memories with great people, I would definitely have loved this course in 4th of ESO.
I will miss my friends class the next year.


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Friday, June 7, 2013


When I was a little girl I remember that I spent more time at home with my family.
My family is somewhat peculiar because it is all related to the world of the horse and so I've gone.
The more time I spent with my cousin four years older than me, we were always together everywhere and never left me alone.
Also we were doing shows and passes through the towns.
Here you have some photos of my childhood.

At left: me and my cousin Maurici.
My cousin Maurici and me :) 
 My cousin Maurici and me.
Me in a Show.
I'm up and below my two cousins.


My summer of this year I will try to make it different. The night of Tuesday and Friday I will have equestrian show as every year, and the  Saturdays I'll go dancing flamenco.
But I want to try to find a job in order to have my money and my things without my parents need to pay me everything.

Here I am dancing flamenco.

Here are all the team of Volteo in Equus Catalonia.


This is a song that I like and why I put it.
Put one friend in class and since then whenever I can hear.
The first time I heard it gave me goosebumps, is about a boy who lost his girlfriend and now realizes that he should not have done more to it case.
And says he should have bought flowers and her to dance because she loved. Now just wait for the boyfriend to have  buy a lot of flowers and take her to dance.


Now I will explain my experience in Mallorca. First of all say it was an unforgettable trip I had really good. The trip to Mallorca was very fast because it was night. Once accommodated at the hotel, we could go to "explore" around us. In the afternoon went on a trip to the city center. After dinner, we got the news that we would go to party. Then we went to prepare and went down to grab the bus.
We were about 35 or so on a bus, passengers were already inside when we were up they were surprised.
The party was not that great but the company was the best.
The next day we went on an excursion to the Caves of Drach, after eating went to a glass factory and returned to the hotel.At night some friends went to a karaoke and others stayed at the hotel.
The next we went by boat to an island, we spent the day there, after lunch we went back to the hotel and went shopping. After dinner we all went to karaoke and we had fun.
And the last day we got up, we packed up, went to the boat and from there to barcelona and barcelona to school.


My perfect Saturday begins when I take my motorcycle  and I will see my horse.
Once I get to Sant Pere Pescador first thing I do is go to him and give many kisses, then I'm gonna get her things to prepare.
Once ready, I get up and I'm going to miss with the roads.  Also go to the beach and we get in the water because my father say  that to their legs doing well water and able to swim. The experience of being in the water swimming with a horse is only and I love.
When I return to horse riding I take a shower and then took him to eat grass. And when it is completely dry led to his box.

This is my lovely horse. Called Dadivoso.

I am in the background. With another horse called Soñador.

A kiss! :)